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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new details tonight about a fire that jumped between two restaurants in georgetown. good evening. i'm jim vance. that fire was in the heart of georgetown and caused a huge traffic mess, and the impact will last longer on employees of the two businesses that were damaged. craig is on m street with more on the story. craig. >> reporter: good evening to you. we're here on the sidewalk a few feet from tackle box. you can still smell the smoke and hear the generator as well. workers are inside the restaurant. they say they're able to re-open tackle box in maybe a week. that being said, the restaurant right next door, hook, that's going to be a lot longer. amateur photographer raymond smith shot this video from a nearby roof, and then he got closer. >> i went inside the restaurant.
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the two employees were like they saw a ghost. the kitchen was like an inferno. every wall had fire on it. it was just incredible. it was just incredible. >> we have heavy smoke showing. >> reporter: the calls came in around 12:30 wednesday afternoon. firefighters rushed to m street in the heart of jorn towgeorget. the popular seafood spot hook was on fire and so was part of the neighbor, tackle box. they share a wall and the same owners. >> i have fire in rear and on the inside of the rear. we're getting a line on it. >> a pretty significant fire in the rear. there was some difficult access for firefighters initially to the rear. >> reporter: they had to use the ladders and knock out windows. >> they called for a precautionary second alarm. >> reporter: it took more than 100 firefighters about 15 minutes no knock down most of
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the blaze. wednesday evening would-be customers stopped. >> this is one of our favorites. no we walked up and sad to see it was closed. >> reporter: as restaurant workers spent the night cutting wood to secure tackle box, restaurant manager said off camera it will most likely be open for a few days. >> it's a sad moment for the tackle box, but they'll get it back together. >> reporter: it could be months, perhaps as long as six months before hook is re-opened. the cause of the fire is under investigation. somewhere between 50,000 and $100,000 worth of damage. we're live here in northwest washington, craig melvin, news 4. back to you. >> thanks. current and former students of bishop o'connell high school held a vigil tonight for a missing teacher. the school is in arlington, virginia. the students were praying that the teacher will be found safe. he was an english teacher at the
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school and disappeared two weeks ago after he left mcclain for a church conference in virginia beach, but he never showed up. >> there's something fishy, something that o'connell is not telling us, but i think we all deserve a right to know. >> he was told that his contract would not be renewed for next year. since he disappeared, he has contacted neither family nor friends. some news now about details in the beating outside of a club that could lead to charges against d.c. police officers. news 4's learned that those officers may have tried to blame the attack on somebody else. jackie benson in outside the lotus lounge on k street now with more on this story. jackie. >> reporter: jim, news 4 has learned that there was a second man, a friend of the victim, who lost his eye who was beaten here outside lotus lounge that night.
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now, the friend was arrested for assaulting a police officer, but those charges were later dropped. now, this is the arrest report that was written that night, and it directly contradicts witnesses and we're told a security camera video. the police report was taken june 10th after 24-year-old walter blair was rushed to the hospital with an injury so severe he lost an eye. his attorney says it happened in a violent encounter with bouncers outside lotus lounge in the 1400 block of k street northwest where the recent university of delaware graduate had gone to celebrate his birthday. >> what's critical about this case for me is at no point are they trying to apprehend him. they're punishing him. they're punishing him. >> reporter: news 4 has learned three of the bouncers involved are off-duty d.c. cops now under investigation. sources say another man, a friend of blair's, was caught up in the melee. blair wasn't arrested but his
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friend was. in the police report the arresting officer wrote the suspect was observed by the officer to kick an unknown male in the face laying on the ground. the officer then attempted to stop the suspect from fighting. the suspect swung several times at the officer with closed fists, striking him in the face. the officer placed the suspect under arrest. news 4 has learned that charges against blair's friend were abruptly dropped on wednesday. news 4 has learned that the three officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. they've been taken off duty. we can tell you also that a preliminary investigation into this, an internal affairs investigation indicates the officers were working at the club without the permission of the police department, which is a violation of a departmental order. jim, back to you. >> thanks, jackie. tonight senators and their staff are waiting to hear whether next week's scheduled recess will be canceled. president obama put pressure on
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lawmakers to stay in washington and come up with a solution for the debt ceiling. he did that today. this evening ten republicans called on majority leader harry reid to keep the senate in session. after a meeting with reid tonight some democrats said they will be back next week, but there's been no official word. while chiding congress for not resolving the debt ceiling issue, the president said they could learn from his daughters. the president said they get their homework done the day before it's due so as not to wait until the last minute, but the president said malia was 13. in fact, she's still 12. the president made that mistake twice. she will turn 13 next week. last week the state of new york joined the list of states legalizing gay marriage. today the president also weighed in on that issue. critics have complained the white house has not been vocal enough about its position on the matter. the president would not get into
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his beliefs, but he said he likes the way new york went about it. >> i think it was a good thing, because what you saw was the people of new york having a deba debate, talking through these issues. it was contentious, it was emotional, but ultimately they made a decision to recognize civil marriages. i think that's exactly how things should work. >> same-sex marriage in new york will begin on july 24th. the human rights campaign store in dupont circle was vandalized last night. the group that claims responsibility is a pro-gay rights, but at the present times a human rights campaign to do more to protect the gay community from crime. the spokesperson for the human rights campaign said it is unfortunate that some groups are interested in dividing the gay community. an influential governmental
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panel decided today that the best selling cancer drug in the world should not be used to treat breast cancer. the vote was unanimous, 6-0. breast cancer experts determined that the drug avastin is not effective and has dangerous side effects. about 17,000 women currently use that drug. the final decision about its use will be up to the food and drug administration or the commissioner of the food and drug administration. coming up in our broadcast tonight, we'll tell you how turtles slowed traffic in one of the busiest airports in the world and then became sensations on twitter. the wife of a driver charged in a deadly tour bus accident in virginia is sharing new details about the night before that crash. a local driver's ed course teaching students to drive in a vette. how did you like that, doug? >> i would like that a lot. that was not what i got to drive. very nice conditions out there
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right now, and those nice conditions last through the day
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the wife of the driver charged in a deadly tour bus accident in virginia says her husband warned the company that he was too tired to drive. he was driving for a company called sky express when he fell asleep at the wheel, and the bus full of people hit an embankment and then flipped over on i-95 between washington and richmond last month. chung's wife told a richmond newspaper that her husband had
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told his bosses that he was tired the night before the crash, but he drove anyway because he was afraid he might lose his job. four people were killed in that accident. chung is in jail without bond. members of the guardian angels patrol a bike path and running trail in northeast d.c. tonight. the trail has been the site of a number of robberies and attacks this month. the guardian angels hope their presence will be a deterrent to crime there. if they see anything suspicious, they call police, but they do not interfere. they hope to get more volunteers to make the patrols a nightly event. we are only two months away now from the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. today about 30 d.c. area clergy members were invited to get an early look at the unfinished memorial at the national mall. what you're seeing it there is not the entire memorial.
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there are parts that will remain under wraps until the unveiling on august 28th. some of the ministers at their tour today took part in the march on washington in 1963. viewing the memorial today was an emotional experience for them. coming up tonight, we'll tell you how terrapins took over a runway at a busy airport delaying flights and mystifying air traffic controllers. a european country honoring president reagan. he's never visited that country. and later, one of the wildest excuses ever heard from a coach at the women's world cup.
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traffic at one of the busiest airports in the world was tied up today not because of weather but because of turtles on the runway. it happened at jfk airport up in new york city. here's the report. >> reporter: turtles just like this one only dozens and dozens of them delayed outbound morning flights at kennedy airport. it was a shell of an experience according to tower transmissions. >> american 1009 there's a report of a turtle on the runway. >> be advises 30 feet into the take-off roll left side of the centerline there is another turtle. >> there's another one on the runway? was the turtle removed? >> turtle removed. >> the port authority says it
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removed and relocated 150 diamondback tear pin turrapin t. >> that's crazy, isn't it? how did that happen? >> i hope they got them to the right place and didn't squish them. >> reporter: the pregnant females crawled out of jamaica bay ajace cents to kennedy. >> they're coming out on the runway because they're looking for a place to lay eggs. >> reporter: russell is a reptile expert at hostra university. he says this female is heavy with eggs, which should hatch in august as should the runway brood. >> a lot of turtles hatched out when it was a marsh. from their point of view therm it as a good place for eggs to be laid. >> reporter: for the turtles it's part of the great circle of life. this year the turtles are tweeting. the port authority can't contain us.
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watch out laguardia, they taunted. >> by the end of the day those turtles' twitter account had thousands of followers including quite a few from college park, maryland. the the alumni club tweeted to come back to the campus. a judge on "project runway" and the the turtles how it felt to walk on a runway. and the turtles even called out lebron james. they said, we want to announce our travel decision later this week. king james, can you help us put together a tv special? that's cold-blooded. that's cold. most teenagers learning to drive can be on the roads in any old beat-up car they can find. imagine the surprise for some students when they got to drive a vette. potomac driving school is using a 2007 chevy corvette.
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the car has a v-8 engine, 400 horses and an extra set of brakes for the driving school instructor. they say it will help the teenagers become better, even more cautious drivers. >> whether you drive a car like this, you're more alert and very cautious and i think they learn faster and not goofing off because they're very, very nervous at the beginning. after that they sit back and relax and drive. >> that school still uses chevy cavaliers for the majority of its driving lessons. far cry from what we learned in? >> i think i might fail that first test. >> nice day today. another one foam tomorrow? >> today was a perfect day. 89 degrees today, near 90 but with low humidity, not bad out there at all. i think that's what we have in store for the day tomorrow. i wish they were convertibles. that would be really nice. look out there right now. we're looking at a nice sky. how nice? that was what was shown above colombia country club in chevy
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chase earlier this evening. their annual fireworks display for the fourth of july. a lot of people are checking this display out. if you're in that area around bethesda, you can hear the booms as well those fireworks were going up into a clear night sky. a beautiful night for that. 89 degrees right now. the current temperature, and we saw a low of 74. there's that sky. right now clear skies across the area, and that low humidity really makes a huge difference. temperatures today around that 90-degree mark, but the humidity around 25% to 30%. it felt really nice. 79 degrees out there right now, winds out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour. we will continue to cool down this evening. right now 71 in martinsburg, but down to 64 in winchester, 70 right now in frederick. some areas could be in the upper 50s tomorrow morning. you're going to walk outside and notice a very big difference from when you walked outside this morning. clear skies across the area as the frontal boundary clears off
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towards the south and east and it will move down to the southeast and east. behind it more nice weather tomorrow as high pressure dominates around the region. expect plenty of sunshine tomorrow, low humidity and temperatures at or a little bit below average. then that high moves to the south. this is going to be the key. if it stays strong enough, we get warm. not just warm but hot this this weekend with temperatures in the middle 90s. there's a chance for a frontal boundary, and it could help temperatures stay below 90 degrees or below 95. if we're on the warmer side of this, we could be in the upper 90s this weekend. stay tuned to the forecast over the next couple of days. tomorrow morning, klee skies and a great start. 57 to 65 degrees. as we move through the day tomorrow, another beauty, 83 to 87 degrees on our thursday. friday, looking pretty good, too. i think the humidity will start to increase, but it's still going to be pretty nice. then here comes saturday and sunday, and yesterday i had these numbers in the mid to upper 90s. right now i think the low to
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middle 90s, but it's still humid with a heat index between 95 and 100 both days. we could see similar conditions next week as well. right now fourth of july for any firework festivities, i think we're okay. >> good to hear. coming up tonight, a farewell ceremony for the defense secretary and it could cause a traffic mess tomorrow.
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so the nats played some baseball tonight.
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how did they do. >> they arrived in anaheim winning 13 of the last 15 games, but the new manager was starting from scratch despite 14 seasons of major league experience. the nats try to give their skipper the first victory in a washington uniform. davey johnson trying to keep the nats above the .500 mark. ryan zimmerman fields and trying to get bobby abreu at second. but he throws it way. abreu advances to third. >> he should have had it. >> he should have. since his return, it's zimmerman's fourth throwing error in three games. that starts the double play, but the angels get an unearned run as abreu scores, 1-0 anaheim. bottom of sixth. zimmerman pitching well. zimmerman gets help from the defense. roger cuts it off, spins and throws a strike to second. abreu is so out.
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great play. zimmerman went eight innings and gave up four hit sdps no earned runs. great play there. angels starter dan haren just as good. haren struck out six and gave up two hits in 7 1/3 innings. nats down to the last out, tieing run at third. michael moore is up, and he strikes out against jordan walden to enid it. the nats lose 1-0. the record drops to 40-41. >> you couldn't get it done. i told the guys earlier, you win games and i lose them. i'm 0 for 3. i plan to rectifying that. >> all righty. nats begin an 11-game home stand on friday. jerry hairston jr. suffered a small break in his right hand tonight after being hit by a pitch. in baltimore orioles host
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the cardinals, and somebody having fun at the expense of luke scott who crashed into the wall last night. flashback. top of the ninth, scott robs a home run off the bat of matt holliday. he bruised his right knee and re-injured his right shoulder in the liand bt in the line-up tonight. that's not going to be caught. t two-run shot to right, his eighth of the season. the cardinals defeat the orioles 5-1 the the final. tennis now. if you watch jeopardy, you may hear this exchange in the years to come. alex, i'm go tennis history for 600. the first man to defeat roger federer after losing the first two sets at a major tuournament.
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who is jo-wilifred tsonga. roger federer was chasing pete sample ras title. tsonga tries the backhand shot off the net, and federer saves it it. tsonga dives and returns it. he's tired out, but not too tired. third set, tsonga serving in the near court, the comeback is on. tsonga to the net, and he puts the volley away. he upsets federer. he advances to the first wimbledon semifinal. he plays djokovic. he thinks he can win this year. >> we have breaking news now. just blocks from the white house jackie benson on the phone now outside the w hotel where something terrible has happened. jackie, what's up? >> reporter: hello. this happened just about the last 15 or 20 minutes. someone jumped or fell from the
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roof of this hotel here at 15th and pennsylvania avenue northwest. d.c. police are on the scene here as well as fire and rescue responders, but i can tell you that this person did fall to their death. you know that the w hotel, which used to be called the hotel washington, has a roof garden up there on top, a bar and restaurant. very, very popular. it's not clear whether the person that died was inside there or anything at this point about the circumstances of what happened. what we can tell you is about 15 or 20 minutes ago someone jumped or fell to their death from the roof of the hotel washington here at 15th and pennsylvania avenue in northwest washington. d.c. police are on the scene investigating. if we get more details, we'll come back to you. >> t
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route 110 in arlington will be closed in both directions tomorrow morning near the pengui pentagon. that's shut down for a retirement ceremony for robert gates. president obama is expected to attend the tribute which will feature a 19-gun sta lute. in budapest, hungary ronald reagan honored with a full statue in freedom square. he never visited but the prime he n[ coach ] in albuquerque,e citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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a recap. an adult female died after a plunge from the w hotel


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